Depending on your child’s goals and needs, therapy can be provided on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

How long?

Sessions are typically 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes in length. This will mainly be based on the number of goals that you would like to address during a block of therapy.


Depending on your needs, therapy can take place at your home, school, childcare or preschool.

  • Home

Home-based therapy has many advantages, especially for large families, busy families, and families who have children with special needs.

Depending on your child’s age, therapy may take place at a table or on the floor.

We may set up activities in different areas of the room to give your child an opportunity to move around and to keep them engaged and focused.

Including other siblings in therapy from time to time can be very motivating for your child! We can involve your other children in certain activities if we decide that this will be a positive experience for your child. Please note, only your referred child will receive the therapy.

It is a requirement for the parent or carer to be present at all times during the session. We encourage parents and carers to watch the therapy and to be involved in the sessions. Your child will have best outcomes when you help them to practice their new skills over the week (or two) between sessions. Also, your child will be motivated to participate if they see that you are involved, too. Speech homework will be provided at the end of each session.

  • School, day care, or preschool

This will depend on arrangements made with your school or centre.

It is ideal for children who are ‘withdrawn’ from their class or group for therapy to have their session in a quiet place with minimal distractions.

With the parent’s permission, we encourage Learning Support Teachers or educators to sit in during sessions, especially if they will be assisting the child with their goals.

Speech homework will be provided at the end of each session.